to take part in

Join The Club! Weekend 

Thursday 5th - Sunday 8th September 2019

Do you run a group, club or class of some sort in Topsham?

It may be something quite informal and casual, brand new and unusual, or an estabished set-up that has been going for a hundred years. We want to hear from you! There are so many fabulous activities available to locals in Topsham, but does everyone know about them?

With this in mind, Love Topsham will be holding Join The Club! Weekend this September

It will give local residents and visitors of all ages the chance to take part in a trail around Topsham to visit the clubhouses, rooms, halls and other venues where groups meet, and to find out more about the many hobbies, games, sports and community activities going on in the town.  There will be a Trail Map (similar to the sort of map used for the Secret Gardens event and for art trails) and people will be encouraged to complete as much of the trail as possible.

We are very keen that people should have a chance to TRY IT FOR THEMSELVES

whether it's (for example)
~   trying some Zumba or yoga at Dorothy Holman Centre or Revitalize studios
~   joining in with a board game at Nancy Potter House
~   watching a demo or taking part in an exercise class
~   trying out dance steps at the Dorothy Holman Centre
~   experimenting with pottery, painting or lino-cutting at an art group
~   pulling a rope or two at St. Margaret's belltower
~   learning some new knots at the Sailing Club<
~   handling archives at the Museum<
~   having a go at skittles at the Bowling Club
~   helping to harvest a few vegetables at the allotments
~   attempting a bit of French conversation at the Globe French club
~   seeing some ladies' rugby or walking rugby at the Rugby Club
~   bringing your dog with you to try out a dog-obedience class
or any other suitable activity!

The idea of the day is to build connections and awaken new interests, rather than to raise funds. It's also an opportunity to reach out to younger people who are at work all week and may not have had a chance to learn about many community activities in town.

If it's not possible for a group to offer this kind of "try-out", however, they can still take part in the event by demonstrating your activity, telling people about what they do or simply handing out leaflets explaining their club's activities. There is also the option to use Matthews Hall for a display on Sunday 8th September.

Please note: If Matthews Hall is the venue where your group usually meets anyway, you may already have been invited to the Topsham Community Association's event on Thursday 5th September, which kicks off the Join The Club Weekend.

Help us to get our ducks in a row!

Places for our event are limited, and the date will soon come round, so do let us know as soon as possible whether your group would like to be involved in what we are hoping to be an inclusive, fun and buzzy weekend.


Please register your group's interest by Friday 7th June

by email to

or in person at The Topsham Bookshop (01392-877895)

There is no need to have worked out all the fine detail for your contribution to the event at this stage: we will contact you later to get all the information needed for the Join The Club! trail literature.

We look forward to hearing from many of the clubs, groups and classes across Topsham very soon, so we can start to plan the finer details of the weekend and confirm that Topsham really is 'the best place to live in the southwest'!