The Beauty Lounge

The Beauty Lounge provides Nail and Beauty in the centre of Topsham.

Our experienced therapists have worked in salons all around the country with our combined experience dates to 2002. Our aim is to make people feel good about themselves, learning about people and what they need and want from their experience. Topsham has such a great sense of community and is so beautiful, which is why we love working here and bring something extra to an already thriving community.


We want people to feel relaxed and at ease when they visit the salon, so it is a place to come and have a catch up and general maintenance, as well as to relax and indulge in luxury treatments. We thoroughly researched and selected the absolute best brands for the salon. All ranges are affordable as well as effective and I whole heartedly believe in all brands offered.

Contact Samantha Lelliot for more details.

Call us here 01392 873413