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Welcome to Love Topsham

Love Topsham is a group of volunteers who are committed to help keep Topsham vibrant and attractive for residents, visitors and businesses alike and to inspire a true sense of community spirit in the town.

We strongly believe that Topsham has so much going for it, and this website and all of Love Topsham’s work aims to shout it out to the world. For if Topsham is a special place, we are aware too that what we all enjoy here can be fragile and at risk as society changes all around us. We need therefore to work together to protect, safeguard and celebrate that which makes our town unique.

About Love Topsham and its origins

Love Topsham was born in November 2017 when one of our community’s most fervent and energetic champions, Geoff Bowen, called a public meeting in the Pebblebed Cellar, rightly concerned at the closure of banks and the changing environment for businesses and retailers. Geoff, one of the most positive people that you could ever have met, believed passionately that we need to celebrate all that is good about life here, and make sure and promote our special town in every way possible. Sadly, Geoff is no longer with us, and our whole community misses his energy, enthusiasm and a smile that could light up a whole room. We would like to think that through what he started, a small part of Geoff’s immense spirit lives on through Love Topsham.

Love Topsham’s fundraising

The Love Topsham Card has been created as a fundraising vehicle in order for the team to promote the town both online and in print, support local events and put on its own activities that build community spirit and connection. Please do support our work and read more about our Card and the exclusive offers it opens up to you as a Cardholder.

2019 Projects – how have we spent the funds so far

Please click here to read an overview of how we have spent funds this year that have been collected through the Love Topsham Card. All projects have been discussed on an ongoing basis at our regular Traders Meetings and are all based on requests and feedback gleaned from residents and businesses.

We hope you find this site helpful. Love Topsham is growing with its continued support from the town, and with a strong core team at its heart. If you have any feedback or would like to contribute in any way, please do contact the Site Editor here.

— The Love Topsham Team:

Jo and Paul Berman, Lily Neal,
Ned Hoste, Carolina Hobbs
plus wonderful volunteers!

Thank you!

The site in its present form is the result of tireless work from Site Editor Jo Berman, Topsham resident and marketing consultant, who so generously not only gave months of precious time but also her considerable professional expertise. It also wouldn’t have happened without the astute guidance and initial funding given via projects driven via Liz Hodges and Marc Millon, two incredible people who have done so much for Topsham.

Huge thanks are also due to Sarah Sherlock of Rare Pear; Aylwyn Bowen, illustrator and creative advisor; David Hunter and his amazing creative team at D2 who designed the site; and Ned Hoste of The Big Ideas Collective. Ned is currently offering his technical expertise to develop the site into what we need now for this very important year for Love Topsham and the town.

Special thanks to the talented local photographers who contributed their time and photos, including Bridget Batchelor, Meia Allegranza, Jane Syers, Nick Hook, Rosemary Depres, Tony Howell, Andy Hay, Tony Cobley, David Tipling, Ben Andrew, Stonefree Photography, Gary Mackley-Smith, Jan Penny, Jo Cunningham, Paul Berman and Kim Millon.

We would further like to thank and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the Visit Exeter Team at Exeter City Council; Anthi Kay, ceramicist; Morwenna Alldis, Communications Officer RSPB; Harry Wild, PR and communications; Rachel Gilpin, Nancy Potter House; Sarah Martin, Nourish; Penny Read, Country Cheeses; Lucy Wynn, Topsham Community Association; Robert Bravo; Jose Northey, Assistant Editor Estuary Magazine; Catriona Batty and Rachel Nichols; Topsham Museum; Eliot Wright; and Rosie Hakes, event planner.