Love Topsham Card – Terms and Conditions

Here are the Terms and Conditions associated with our Love Topsham Card for your reference. If you have any queries please contact the team.

The Love Topsham Card is a bonus given to supporters when a minimum donation amount is made, the Card itself is not being offered for sale. The rationale for the Card is to encourage more people to use the shops and businesses in the town so that there is an increased sense of community and a vibrant heart to the town with businesses being given the opportunity to thrive. Please use the card fairly, respect the terms and conditions laid out below and enjoy your shopping in Topsham!

The minimum donation amounts to receive a discount card are currently set as follows

⇒ Shops, businesses and holiday lets £10 per month or £120 for the current year
⇒ Small businesses £6 per month or £72 for the current year
⇒ Residents and visitors £3 per month or £36 for the current year

There is no pro-rata reduction in yearly donation amounts as the funds being raised will contribute to year round activities including the Christmas Lights.

Whether you choose to donate on a regular basis by standing order or via a one-off annual payment, subject to your agreement when you collect your card and provide your personal details, we will endeavour to send you a reminder in January of each year that your payment is continuing or to encourage you to donate again with a one-off payment

At the time when you collect your Love Topsham card we will seek your permission to use your personal details in accordance with GDPR legislation

Any offers that shops or businesses promote via the Love Topsham Card are the sole responsibility of those businesses to manage and any queries regarding the offer should be taken up with those businesses directly in the first instance. In the unlikely event that there are any unresolved issues then please address them to

All offers made by local businesses are subject to stock availability, fair use and can also be withdrawn at any time without notice

Some businesses may change the offer that they are making to Card holders on a monthly basis so please do check that the offer you are interested in is still available and also keep checking the Offers page of the Love Topsham website for new additions

The use of the Card should be in a responsible and fair way and we would hope that no one would try to take advantage of any offer, to buy in bulk for instance, without a discussion with the shop or business owner taking place first, and that their discretion in matters such as this is final

There may be some terms and conditions that each business attach to the redemption of any Love Topsham Card offer. Space prevents us from reproducing all of these here but please be aware that there may be some restrictions on the availability of the offer

In some cases you will not be able to use the Love Topsham Card in conjunction with other loyalty scheme or offers, these will be highlighted to you at the time of purchase. If you are ordering in a café, pub, restaurant, and to avoid any confusion, please just check that it is ok to use the card at the time you place your order.

The Card is valid until December 31st of the year in which it is issued

The Card is valid for two named individuals and you will be asked for those names when you collect your card. A minimum of one name must be written on the card at the time of collection.

The card itself is not transferable and any participating shop or business may ask to see your card and to validate the identity of the named individual on the card

If you lose or damage your card, please let us know immediately A replacement card can be made available to you but there will be a charge of £3 for a replacement.

If you were to start a monthly donation, receive a Card and then stop donating for any reason before the end of the current year, please let us know by email to and return the Card as soon as possible to one of the designated distribution points in town.

A condition of issue of the Card is that you should only seek to use it to receive discounts if the Card is valid. We reserve the right to use your personal data to circulate your name and card number to the shops if we see that monthly donations have stopped and the Card is not returned.

Window or car stickers to show that you are supporting Love Topsham are given to all those who receive a card. Any extra stickers required can be made available on request but there will be a charge