14 08, 2021

Fit Right In! The Topsham Intel

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Fit Right In! The New Resident's Guide to Topsham New To Topsham? 10 essential facts to help you fit right in… What To Call It? You always spell it T-o-p-s-h-a-m but while most pronounce it ‘Topshm’ some older Devonians call it ‘Topsum’. And in case you want to visit the Topsham that’s in the US state of Maine make sure you use the ‘Topsum’ pronunciation - that’s the one they like and not, as we might have anticipated, ‘Top-Sham’. What NOT To Call It! Proud Devonians are adamant that [...]

15 05, 2021

Quick Guide to Pubs Past & Present

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Quick Guide to Pubs Past and Present Topsham pubs have always offered a warm welcome to travellers. In the 18th century there were over 40 of them, reflecting the rough and ready seaport Topsham was back then. In the late 1900s, Exeter University students did a ‘Topsham 10’ pub crawl as a rite of passage. You can’t drink a pint in 10 pubs any more, let alone 40, but you can follow a trail of buildings that were once inns and public houses. Not quite a pub crawl, [...]

30 11, 2020

The Quick Guide to Topsham’s Churches

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Take a walk around Topsham's churches Most visitors to Topsham - and residents for that matter - have an affection for St Margaret’s Church, which has dramatic views over the Exe estuary, As important to many is the fact that it stands on the oldest site of Christian worship in Topsham. There may have been a very early Christian building in the old village and we do know that a parcel of land was granted by Athelstan, King of the Anglo-Saxons, to the monastery church of St Peter and St [...]

16 09, 2020

The Student’s Guide to Topsham

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The Student’s Guide to Topsham Welcome to your new life in Exeter: it’s a great city isn’t it? Here's a guide to its most fashionable, quirky, free-thinking destination - Topsham. It's is an easy bike ride along the canal or just a few minutes by bus or train from Exeter Central and St David’s (your nearest stations to the University and Exeter College). Topsham has a fabulous selection of all type of indie shops. If you're on a budget, then there are second hand goodies from the thrift shops, [...]

15 07, 2020

The Cyclist’s Guide to Topsham

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The Cyclist’s Guide to Topsham When it comes to Topsham - visiting, exploring or just passing through - cycling is the only way to travel, come rain or shine. This must be Devon's most cycle-friendly destination. If you ride from Exeter, just four miles away, follow the signs to pick up South Coast National Cycle Network Route 2 - one of the prettiest such routes in the country, and soon leading you along the side of Exeter Canal towards Topsham. You can park up as you enter the town on [...]

14 07, 2020

The Foodie’s Guide to Topsham

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The Foodie's Guide to Topsham What’s it going to be - a local hand-crimped pasty or a genuine Portuguese chorizo sandwich? Perhaps a burger made of melt-in-the-mouth smoked beef or a vegan galette hot from the griddle? You get the message, we’re sure: Topsham is a paradise for food lovers, whether it’s to buy for later, to eat-in now when restrictions allow, or to takeaway and munch whilst overlooking the estuary. It’s under half an hour from Exeter or Exmouth by train or bus – and as soon as you [...]

13 07, 2020

The Shopper’s Guide to Topsham

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The Shopper's Guide to Topsham If recent times have taught us anything, it’s that good shops - distinctive, independent ones that showcase top quality locally-sourced products - are a real joy. And so it is with Topsham, where over 40 independent stores and many more local businesses create a slice of retail heaven like nowhere else in the Exeter area. A vibrant mix of old and new independent shops, the town has its own timeless charm. Hop off the Number 57 bus or try the half-hourly train service from Exeter, [...]

13 07, 2020

The Family-friendly Guide to Topsham

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The Family-friendly Guide to Topsham Whatever the time of year, Topsham is wonderfully outdoorsy with some of its best-loved features being waterside walks and pubs, a nature reserve and green views across east Devon - so it's perfect for kids and adults alike. It’s an easy-to-reach slice of nature, a short bus or train hop from Exeter, fascinating for children, completely safe and fully family-friendly. If you come on a Saturday watch and listen for the Town Crier delivering local news with a difference, then head to the water and [...]

13 07, 2020

The History Lover’s Guide to Topsham

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The History Lover's Guide to Topsham. If you love exploring the past as well as the present, Topsham is THE place to visit. Only four miles from Exeter yet feeling like a world away, this ancient estuary town has an impressive story to tell. The town on the Exe estuary is easy to access by public transport as well as by car and on foot, and is best known for its fascinating maritime history. Once a busy woollen cloth-trading port and warships, merchant vessels and deep-sea fishing vessels were launched [...]

13 07, 2020

The Dog Lover’s Guide to Topsham

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The Dog Lover's Guide to Topsham Are you a dog owner with time on your paws? Then take the short train or bus ride to Topsham, the historic estuary town on the River Exe. The pretty historic streets make for a perfect walk that’s stimulating for everyone on two legs and four while almost all the pubs and cafes - there are lots of them - are enthusiastically dog-friendly. Owners can buy fresh fish and artisan cheeses or tuck into a cream tea or fish and chips while furry friends [...]

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