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How to feature your business, commercial activity or organisation on this website

Thank you for showing an interest in being featured on the Love Topsham website – the official website for Topsham.

We promote the website on an ongoing basis via:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Visit Exeter’s channels
  • Email marketing

All proceeds from listings and advertising go into the Love Topsham fund, used to promote the town and champion shopping locally. Invoices and receipts can be provided for your records. Any business mentioned on the website, whether it’s in a listing, on the What’s on town calendar or within the editorial, is at the discretion of the Editor. Priority will be given to Love Topsham Business Supporters.

Here are the options available to you:


Promote your commercial activity through the town’s website – – and make the most of having a listing on the appropriate page(s) of the Love Topsham website, with a link to your website or Facebook page and a brief description of your business. Unless you are a not-for-profit organisation, your ‘payment’ required for this will be fulfilled by asking you to become a Business Supporter (making a minimum donation of £6 or £10 per month dependent on your business activity and size). As a Business Supporter, you will benefit from having a Love Topsham card, giving you access to over 40 exclusive local offers only available to card holders.

As a Business Supporter, you yourself have the choice to put forward an exclusive offer to Love Topsham cardholders which will appear on the Exclusive Offers page. The Exclusive Offers page is one of the exciting ‘go-to’ pages on the website, highlighted on the home page. This page is frequently promoted through our social media channels, and a printout can be found at many noticeboards across town. Businesses can contact us to change their offer once a month if they would like to.

ADDITIONAL ADVERTISING – have a photo of your business on the website

If you would like to become even more visible on the website, you can purchase a ‘feature image’ of your business – not an advert as such unless specifically stated, but it would have a link to your business. This rule is to maintain the visual look and feel of the site. Feature images are £10/month for one of approximately 3 box images with links and captions (appearing mainly on the left hand side of text on a page). These are again only available to Love Topsham Business Supporters.


HOLIDAY LET BUSINESS? You will need to become a Business Supporter too!

To feature a holiday let on our Accommodation page with a link to your own website is available for those who are Love Topsham Business Supporters. To become a Business Supporter you are required to donate a minimum of £10 per month or £120 for the current year. With Business Supporter status you will then receive a window sticker to display showing your support of Topsham, plus you’ll receive your own Love Topsham card for you to use plus another named person.



If you are a not-for-profit organisation, then:

  • There is no charge required to be listed if you are one of the above groups.
  • However, a donation towards our work and administration of the website would be gratefully appreciated
  • We do also ask if you can please encourage your members to become Love Topsham Supporters on an individual basis – this all helps to maintain and develop the website and a number of activities in Topsham.


If the answer is yes, in order to be featured on the website we ask you to become a micro business supporter (£6 per month), and then you too can benefit from all the promotional aspects and personal benefits of being involved with Love Topsham.

Thank you so much for your support of the website, and we hope you can see from the site, what a benefit it is to be featured on our pages. if you have any queries at all, please do contact the team.

Best wishes

The Love Topsham team