This is the official information page for Topsham during the Coronavirus crisis. It’s a collaboration between Estuary League of Friends at Nancy Potter House and Love Topsham.

Welcome to Keep Busy Topsham, our campaign to keep Topsham’s residents and businesses healthy, connected, busy and upbeat over the coming months.

PLEASE REGISTER if you are self-isolating or can volunteer by emailing Nancy Potter House here or call 01392 879009

To reach the Love Topsham team please email us here or contact us via social media using #KeepBusyTopsham.

Home deliveries & services

Topsham is adapting to these difficult times. We now have a growing list of businesses that can offer home delivery or an adapted service in the light of the current situation. So, whether it’s essentials such as fruit and vegetables or meat, or a nutritious cooked meal, Topsham is making it available to you. Click here to see how you can still support the town’s independent shops and businesses without leaving your home.

Topsham-themed activity sheets

Have a look at the amazing work of Topsham’s residents! We have so many people working on topics such as Topsham wordsearches, Gardening, Art, Crafts and Topsham History. Have a look and maybe print off hard copies for neighbours who are not online. (Please follow all hygiene rules though if you are leaving copies on doorsteps for those not on the internet). The list is growing all the time – to see what’s available today, just click here.

Please share your experiences of completing the activity sheets or share new ideas by emailing us here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #KeepBusyTopsham.

Town Calendar for online activities

The calendar is coming on nicely now, and we have the schedule for all of Revitalize Studio’s classes, Zumba with Joana and counselling sessions uploaded. Please take a look and submit your live online classes and clubs too so we can help to promote it, and Keep Busy Topsham! Any problems uploading your event, just email the team and someone will help you.

Helpful Links

We have a growing list of helpful links to take you to all sorts of information from how to claim sick pay to online museum tours and learning. Simply click here.

Have you come across any useful websites too? Please email the team and and we will add it here.

Volunteering and giving

Estuary League of Friends at Nancy Potter House are co-ordinating an organised group of volunteers to help with a number of jobs to help the welfare of those self-isolating. Whether it’s getting shopping, door drops, phoning those feeling lonely, collating handouts etc, if you can get involved please click here to email and register. We are encouraging people to be part of this organised effort where Estuary League of friends have the expertise to manage this properly and the essential health guidelines needed to assist without adding to the spread of the virus.

The team at Estuary League of Friends are also collating Keep Busy Topsham packs for those self-isolating. Puzzles, books, magazines, crafts – if you have anything you would like to give, please leave at Nancy Potter House. Please ensure items are as clean as possible. Donations will be left for 72 hours untouched before they are handed out to avoid contamination.

What is your ‘thing’?

You’re invited to take part in our Topsham challenge.

We are all spending time at home at the moment so here’s a way that you can mark this time in a positive way. If you love mosaics, history, writing poetry or know all about the tides, whatever is your ‘thing’, can you create a piece of work that’s Topsham related for our display? All we ask is that it’s submitted on an A3 piece of paper and then, it’ll be shown at Sprung Forward on the 26th September. So, whatever your interest is and however old you are, please do join in. You can submit your work, progress or questions to or on social media using #KeepBusyTopsham.


The Coronavirus stays on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

We MUST NOT spread the virus through these gifts. All bags will be left in a secure place for at least 3 days before they are handled and given to someone self-isolating.

Latest Government and NHS Health Advice

If you are feeling unwell, have general questions or are caring for someone who is unwell please follow the link HERE  to get the latest government advice.  Please click HERE to get the latest NHS advice if you are feeling unwell. Please check these links regularly as the advice may be changing frequently.

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