Social Media policy

Updated January 2022

Destination Topsham. The Love Topsham Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms are used to promote “Destination Topsham” to encourage footfall and a wider interest in the town. 

Post content is therefore made up of themes such as Topsham walks, Love Topsham events, history, eating & drinking and shopping. etc. They are not focused on individual businesses. 

Call To Action. Our posts largely have a call to action to encourage the reader to visit our website where they will find links to all of our business supporters. 

Sharing. Due to the diverse nature of our 100+ business supporters, and our own limited resources, we unfortunately are unable to share posts, even to stories. This is to ensure we are fair to all of our business supporters – those active and not active on social media – and as importantly to protect our volunteers’ time involved in keeping these accounts active and interesting. 

New business supporters. We are however delighted to offer the occasional ‘shoutout’ to new business supporters when they join us. 

With all the above in mind, we hope you appreciate that our social media posts are not a series of business adverts, but share the beauty and attraction of Topsham and what is has to offer broadly to both visitors and residents alike.